Michigan forests have always been important to the quality of life of Michigan citizens. But our demands on forests continue to grow and to change. To maintain our quality of life, the way we manage our forests will also change. The Michigan Society of American Foresters offers this publication of forest management guidelines for both professional foresters and landowners to assist in the management of our forest resource.

The forest management guidelines recognize the renewable nature of forests and the influence of forest management practices on the many uses of the forest including water, recreation, wildlife, timber, and aesthetics. Because of the diversity of forest conditions, values, and ownerships, no set of management guidelines can cover all situations. Professional and landowner judgment must combine scientific knowledge with these guidelines to determine management practices for a particular property.

The goal of these guidelines is to provide for conservation and stewardship of all forest lands in Michigan. The Michigan Society of American Foresters challenges landowners, forest managers, forest industries, and timber harvesting contractors to follow these guidelines. They provide a common sense approach to better manage the forest lands of the state.

Complete guidelines available via the link below