OUR WORK IS HERE among the trees. So are our homes, families and the communities in which we live. But it's not just our quality of life that depends on the forest. At the nexus of agriculture and manufacturing, Michigan's forests play a major role in the state's economy and, in turn, quality of life of its citizen. Michigan citizens use sustainable forest products every day, consuming 800 million cubic feet of wood products each year.

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2020 MFPC Annual Report

Michigan Forest Products Council is committed to advancing a sustainable industry that produces necessary products that people use every day. Our dedicated members, detailed knowledge and strong advocacy fills a void in our industry. 

We’ve identified industry leadership, fiber supply, new markets, and sustainability as our organization’s top priorities for 2021. In addition to these priorities, we have and will continue to engage on multiple projects and issues related to international trade, recovered fiber and sustainability. This last year, we also crafted solutions to industry challenges through our newly created member benefits team. 

Our data collection and research supported business decision making; and our member engagement, strategic alliances and stakeholders helped amplify the industry’s voice throughout the state and beyond. 

Please review the progress we’ve made over the last few years on our industry’s priorities in this year’s annual report titled, Emerging Markets. 

CHAIRMAN || Michigan Forest Products Council 


  • Kurt Bisballe
  • PRESIDENT || Bisballe Forest Products
  • Gerry Grossman
  • Grossman Forestry

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